Switchin' It Up

It's been a while since I've posted on my blog, so much so that my other posts have actually disappeared. That's alright with me though as I was struggling with the way I was attempting to share my experiences. My original idea was that I would document and write everything that happened day-to-day while I was on vacation or traveling, but I found the posts became too long winded and were hard to complete; hence, the two years since my last post.

Only following my travels kept me from highlighting the adventures in my daily life and with a newborn on the way, there will be plenty of adventures to come...so, I am SWITCHIN' IT UP!! That's right, my new format will consist of my epic adventures and resulting recommendations while on vacation, traveling and locally. I've been to a lot of places, most of them while I was younger and in a phase where I didn't even own a camera. I once went to Ireland to live/work for 4 months and didn't even take a single picture!!! Not again!!!

Henceforth, what you are about to experience will be based on things that have tickled my fancy, such as breweries, restaurants, hotels and activities.