Dad Blog: Every Minute Counts

At the outset, this blog was going to be a space for me to share my adventures and, whenever possible, give any hints, tips etc. on the hows, whys, and wheres. Ultimately, this would include my current top lifetime adventure, having a son. I had some ideas on doing a dad blog as I'm not sure there's as much male perspective for raising a child. 

Well, it's now been ~5 months since my son was born and my last blog post was from a couple weeks before that amazing day. My excuse has always been, "I just don't have the time now". Here's the rundown on a usual day:

6-6:30am - Wake up a get ready for work

7am - Some days I have the chance to get my son up and hang out for a bit, other days I'm usually monitoring the monitor so my wife can sleep soundlessly.

7:30am - Off to work

8am-4pm - At Work

4:30pm - Most days usually home from work

4:45pm-5:30pmish - Here's where I get to spend the most time with my son and I love it!

6pm - Bath/Change/Sleep time for our son

6:30pm - Start Dinner

7-7:30pm - Eat Dinner

8pm - Exhausting relaxed time (probably watch some TV)

9-9:30pm - cleaning up the kitchen and tidying up

10pm - Heading down to bed

10:30-11pm  - In bed and asleep

I just don't see a lot of extra time in there for personal life stuff (hobbies, exercise etc). My wife and I had started doing free nights, where she would have a night out during the week to do whatever she wanted and vice versa and that worked out great, but it's not always constant. 

What about the weekends, you ask? That's when I try to spend as much time with our son as possible to help my wife out since she's been taking care of him all day during the week. Plus, your not always home because you're trying to go out and be social. 

I guess what I've learned from this is you got to be able to create time (shh... I'm drafting this during lunch at work) and be ready to do something at the drop of a hat.

An example from a couple days ago, I came home from work at 4:45pm and there was no one in the living room, but I heard our white noise machine running, so I ventured into our sons room where my wife was nursing, and asked if there's anything I could do. The answer was no, so I backed out of the room, 10 seconds later I get a text from her saying, "Go for a run".

So I ran to our room, quickly got changed and went for a 20 minute run. Got back just in time to hang out with him a bit before our nighttime routine kicked off. It was perfect!

Next time, I'll take my wife's advice and have my run gear out and ready to go to save even more time a moment like that pops up. Every minute counts!